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Hearthstone's Furry Friends

Where would a barn be without its share of barn cats and dogs? Here at Hearthstone, there is no shortage! The cats of Hearthstone are spoiled rotten, and have the luxury of being able to sleep in the comfort of the Fantasy Lounge atop the fireplace if they so please. They are very friendly, and love attention. If you ever need a something to keep your lap warm, one of our cats would be glad to help out! There are also several dogs that you will find playing in the barn. These canines are also very friendly, and love to play. (Just watch your nose, Cooper likes to nip at them!).

Hearthstone is always surrounded by animals, whether they're horses, dogs, cats, hawks, deer, or on one occasion, a moose, you'll always have a furry friend nearby.


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Hearthstone Farm

Monday, May 20, 2024