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Vivant - 1979 - April 26, 2006

Dutch Warmblood
16.3H Chestnut Gelding
Partner: Gail Lamb

April 26, 2006

Vivant died this morning at 6.15 AM.

He came in from playing in the field yesterday (yes, literally cantering around) and showed signs of distress at suppertime. The vet was called and tubed him, gave him Banamine and he seemed a bit better. We left him in the arena with his pony for company so he could move around. I checked him every two hours during the night and at 4.00 AM he looked his normal self. When I checked again at 6.00 AM he was standing with his teeth against the window sill. I gave him 10cc of Banamine as he was not looking happy. When he moved away from the wall, he was staggering and went down. He died with me stroking him and wishing him well...I would like to think he waited for me to come back to him to leave.

There were droppings in the arena so it was not an impaction colic that caused him problems...

I think his heart just gave out...I don't think he was in pain.

He will be buried on the riverbank at the farm in the sun.

Thank you so much for giving me the privilege of knowing him.

Thanks to you he had 25 good years....

- Gail Lamb

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