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Michael Bear

Michael Bear: May 27, 1967 - March 28, 2007

AKA: Timothy Rosshire
Flee-Bitten Grey Gelding
Welsh-Arab Cross
Loved By: All

He was the fastest land animal I've ever ridden. I seriously used to race against motorcycles with him. In the show ring, his specialty was jumper classes. Pretty good at cross country as well. Hunter -- not so much. That being said, the best ribbon I ever had with him was at the Pony Breeders show in Aurora -- 2nd out of close to 50 ponies -- in a hack class!

In the Melbourne Fair, my trainer's husband Jimmy Walker (who was a story in his own right) said, "See all those ponies popping the second fence of that combination. The striding is long. When you get over the first fence, give him some leg to get him over the second fence." Well, I did -- and he must have jumped a horse-stride-and-a-half to make it over that second fence.

Michael and I used to play 'tag' in the paddock behind the barn at The Cedars. He'd race around the paddock and come galloping up to me -- and I'd spray him with the hose. He buck and kick, and go racing around the paddock again, his tail high in the air. And then he'd come around for another pass!

Amazing that we've been able to keep him in our midst so long. I'll miss getting that extra sugar cube for him when I know I'll be passing by his stall. Thanks, Gramma Gail, for giving him a wonderful home for his retirement years!

- Bruce Lamb

My favourite memory of Michael:
Me and Michelle Malek riding Michael in the "Big Field" at Brookehaven doubles..... BACKWARDS!

- Kate Veinot

Michael (And Michelle) were the ones who got me back into riding after my accident with Chip... I remember being so excited when I learned to post on him and realized I was really riding again :)

- Brit Veinot

I was just at my stall job and was thinking of Michael and my memories. Funny enough my last memory was from Tuesday night after our walk over to the new path. My last visual picture of Michael was Bruce feeding him a sugar cube on Tuesday night, nice memory. Hope Bruce remembers that one.

- Beth Watson


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