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Nicholas - 1992? - November 13, 2004

Breed: Samoyed
Age: About 13


Nicholas was the loving pet of several families. His final home was with the Lamb's (Bruce, Jenny, Karen, & Tori), where he spent several, happy years of his life.

This Samoyed loved people, but didn't get along very well with other dogs. One of the things that Nicholas loved most was attention - in any way, shape, or form! But like many dogs, Nicky also hated thunderstorms. There were a several nights where he would be found under the sink, or in his favourite hiding place - in the bath tub!

Like many dogs, Nicky also learned what the Tim Horton's drive through was all about - like a true Canadian dog, Nicholas loved his Timmy's!

Nicholas had a very happy life, touching the hearts of many people. However, eventually age took its toll, and Nicky started to feel uncomfortable. So on Novemeber 13, 2004, we had to say goodbye to the dog who had been our friend for many, wonderful years.

So here's to Nicky - we'll always remember you

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